From the desk of Lisa Burger

There's two general philosophies when it comes to business websites, and your overall online strategy.

The first one is, just throw something up there. The website basically becomes a fancy business card: It has the basics displayed, and sure -- it's better than nothing. But it's not doing all the much for you either. And in some cases, it's more of a liability than an asset if we're being honest.

If you're here, you probably saw my work somewhere else already and this should come as no surprise when I proclaim:

Instead I choose to partner with bold forward-thinking brands; the ones who recognize the value of crafting an experience for their customers in everything they do.

The brands who want their online assets to have a clear voice and distinct brand identity. Websites that surprise and delight their customers at every corner. I partner with businesses who want to take their clients and customers on a journey (or possibly a vacation from life -- I'm looking at you COVID) whenever they visit the website, find them on social, or step in their doors.

Businesses that respect their customer's time and intellect by building something that's special and unrivaled. Life's too short to live with website shame, so I help brands get online properly with a website that's part conversation piece and part conversion machine.

I also partner with a few limited clients on an on-going basis. In my role as their consultant and partner, I design and execute marketing and sales focused improvements via the use of new apps and services, marketing campaigns and funnels, powerful automations. My job: Help them reach new heights and scale.

Right now, it's September 2020 and my own website is under development. What's the saying, the cobbler's kid wears flip flops? <wink>

In the meantime, I'm always looking for my next marketing strategic partnership or new website development/design project. If you're interested in potentially working with me, here's what you need to know:

  1. I have an opening to start a new website project starting around October 1, 2020. I specialize in both WordPress and Shopify sites and if needed, also assist with integrations or setup of other complimentary business systems. The result? Your website integrates beautifully into your entire business suite of apps and services. Beauty, meets practicality - and that saves you time and makes you money both. Oh la la! My website packages begin at $7499.
  2. I have limited and exclusive monthly packages for businesses who want to have me as their strategic marketing partner. These packages require a minimum three month commitment and range from $800/month to $ 2195+/month. In this capacity I take your businesses to the next level by improving your current assets (including your website). I also design and execute stunning and effective marketing campaigns, create automations, and other improvements to your online assets and business systems. I only have space for two of these relationships at a given time, and you become my VIP priority.

Email me at learn more about my services and how I can help you reach your goals online. Otherwise keep checking back until the site launches. I keep getting hired for new websites, and since my clients are priority uno -- well, the site has to wait. 🙂 What an "awful" problem to have.