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Do you really understand how people are using your website?
Your website is often the first impression people have of you and your brand,
and we say make it a good one.


Website by the Numbers is a monthly program where a marketing analyst will use actual website data to review your numbers:

  • How many people are accessing your site?
  • How they are using it?
  • What pages make them leave?
  • How the heck are people even finding you?

More importantly, Website by the Numbers offers simple and strategic website tweaks each month that improve those metrics each and every month. Even better? Because we’re data driven, we review the data monthly to confirm the changes have the desired affect.
No more guessing!

This package requires a 6-month commitment and you may choose between two options:

Option #1:
Report Only

Each month you’ll receive a report with data from your Google Analytics, our strategic insights, and any relevant screenshots and instructions on how to improve two aspects of your website or it’s traffic each and every month.

  • $225 a month

Option #2:

In addition to the report which includes the Google Analytics, strategic insights, and a review of ways to improve your site, we sit down with you for 60 minutes to go over the report in detail.

  • $375 a month
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